Your Prayers Count!

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Your Prayers are Powerful
Every so often we enter a time in our lives where it feels like our prayers don't matter.  What we are praying for just doesn't seem to be making a difference.  Our faith feels tired and worn out...
This is not the time to give up but it is to time to Pray More. Pray harder. Pray longer. Pray without ceasing.  The power of your prayers may not be evident to you just yet, but you could be just one more prayer away from a break through or miracle.  So, don't stop yet!Currently we are right in the middle of the Spring 2014 Great Banquet Season.  Many Great Banquets have already taken place but there are many more happening soon!  Your prayers are so powerful and we appreciate every one!  Your prayers aren't just for the Great Banquet to be a success but for Jesus to become more real and evident to each person on every Great Banquet.  These prayers are for miracles for the individuals as they embark on their 4th days.  Please take a minute and go check out our new 72 Hour Prayer Vigil page and click on one (or all) the upcoming weekends and sign up for a time to pray.  This is the MOST important part of each weekend.
PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!  Help us change the world by adding your prayers into the mix!Don't stop praying....

-Jessica McLaughlin
Lampstand Ministries Communications Director

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