Lampstand Ministries

Welcome!  As you may know, the website has been undergoing a conversion over the last few months to create an all new website experience.  Although the new website is not yet 100% completed, we are going forth with launching the new site and will be continuing to covert information from the old site into the new site.  We encourage you to begin making the transition to the new website.  The old website will remain operational for now,  but many features on the old site are broken due to various changes in programs that were used to create the old site.  Some of those programs have been discontinued, so those functions/features are no longer available.  We appreciate your patience and understanding while we continue to work on developing the best possible site for the Great Banquet and Awakening communities.  We also appreciate your support, and your input.  Please let us know what you think by using the “Contact Us” form on the new website.

Please click the link below to be redirected to the new website, which has a new web address

If you would like to visit the old website, there is a link below that will take you there as well.

Email addresses will remain the same, so if you have questions for the Lampstand Team, you can use the email addresses you already have on hand.

Thank you for joining us as we begin this new chapter in the Lampstand Ministries online presence.