What are my E-Newsletter Preferences and how do I update them?

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Your preferences allow you to choose your Community so that you will receive E-Newsletters from the Lampstand Ministries about the National Great Banquet & Awakening Community. When you update your preferences you also have the chance to update your profile which includes your contact information and what weekend you attended. To update your profile or preferences just click on the SIGN UP BUTTON and enter your email address. If you are already subscribed then just click submit on the next page and the instructions will be emailed to you with a link to your personal update page. If you have a recieved an email from us, then at anytime you can click on the link at the bottom of your email. Then follow the steps to update your information - click continue, check your email for an 'update your profile email', click update profile, then change any information you need to - including your email address.

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